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I walk through this world as a young black woman trying to find her way through art, aiming to positively impact others' lives in any way I see possible. As a senior at NYU's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, I've begun to see music, photography, and media as my primary outlets to accomplish just that. I take photos, I interview, I blog, I create videos, I DJ, I produce and so much more. I'm a multimedia content creator and this is my platform to show you what that title means.

I want this site to be an online community. I hope this platform exceeds my expectations as a space for growth amongst peers through conversation, art, and media. I'm sharing my thoughts and experiences on here and I hope you feel comfortable sharing yours as well. If you wish to comment on my posts, ask questions, share recommendations of art works or talk about music, just hit me up via the "Online Community" tab in the menu. To send me some of your own content to post and share or to book my services, use the contact section below. I'm happily anticipating your messages and I can't wait to grow with y'all!


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