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Times square, nyc

many moments in life can be unforgettable... 
Like my photography gracing a billboard in times square!!!

March 2019

here are a few other moments that i got to capture alongside my friends, family, and NYU Clive Davis Institute community.

Dawn Richard

brooklyn, ny
October 2022 


As a Hip hop duo birthed at the Clive Davis Institute, Oshun hosted a packed exclusive showcase at the new brooklyn campus studios. They did so in partnership with Dr. Martens and I got to capture this full circle moment for these alumna as a senior in the program that they graduated from.

#oshun #CDI #NYCNightlife #concertphotos #nyu

oshun x
dr. Martens

brooklyn, ny
february 2020 

oshun x
dr. Martens

oshun x
dr. Martens


One of my fellow classmates of the clive davis institute of recorded music had her first show in nyc and she asked me to document this experience. at this show, she debuted her first single "new york is his" in front of family, friends, and professors.

#countryartist #CDI #nyu #NYCNightlife #debut

New York, ny
february 2020 


cdi holiday

the clive davis institute of recorded music held a holiday showcase to culminate their live performance course. from grunge to r&b, these ladies killed it!

#cdi #nyu #music #concert #womxn #artists

New york, ny
december 2019 

olivia reid
"visitor" bts

Olivia reid's music takes you on a journey. Sonically, emotionally, and visually, she captivates your attention and this one-take music video is no exception. I am so grateful to have experienced and documented day one of filming "visitor" while supporting my friend as her creative vision came to life.

#visitor #nyufilm #musicvideo #cdi

New york, ny
November 2019 

New york, ny
November 2019 

Tigris x Quadio

As tigris' first sponsored showcase, I got to continue my tradition of taking photos of my talented peers. this time, i fell in love with black and white edits of cecilia gault's amazing performance.

#Tigris #NYCNightlife #concertphotos #nyu

remu talks x

new york, ny
september 2019 

as a 4x grammy award winning producer, and engineer, anthony kilhoffer has worked with the likes of travis scott (as his manager), kanye west, and rihanna. one of the coolest things to me is that he's credited on one of my favorite albums, "watch the throne," by jay z and kanye west. currently, he's moved to being an executive as the founder of "1st gen," a college community centered recording label for young creatives.

#AnthonyKilhoffer #1stgen 


"I got god watching over me from courtside, ballin' like i'm jordan cause' i'm blessed up!"


my dad called me and said, "you wanna go with me to a cookout in south philly?" He made me grab my camera to take pics of him and his childhood friends, including Meek's uncles and mom. Then meek showed up. this is A moment I'll never forget.


Philadelphia, pa
August 2019 


dana mccoy "subscriptions"

new york, ny
march 2019 

I was able to co-write "subscriptions" with my friends dana and austin during our sophomore yeAR. to see the song THAT WE CREATED WITH SOME FREE TIME IN THE STUDIO come alive as a music video was such a pleasure. I'M SO GRATEFUL TO HAVE DOCUMENTED THIS PROCESS FROM THE RECORDING TO THE VIDEO SHOOT.

#MyfirstCOWRITE #BTS #nyu #centralpark


the level of talent that I get to experience on the regular basis is unbelievable. being able to watch my friends blossom in this industry is a blessing. but, capturing these moments with my camera isn't just to time stamp their growth. it's also for me to track my own evolution, performance by performance.



Brooklyn, new york
February 2019 


Women on
the rise

There is nothing more powerful to experience as a young black women than an event dedicated to women of color. there is an inspirational force that overcasts the room that puts a bigger smile on your face and makes you move with more confidence knowing that other women are walking and fighting with you. 


New York, New York
march, 2018

"Grl pwr"

There's no better way to support a cause than to start with the platform you have. tigris records hosted a "Grl pwr" concert, exclusively featuring amazingly talented young women and donating proceeds to the Time's up Legal defense fund.


brooklyn bazaar

february 2018

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