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I walk through this world as a young Black woman trying to find her way through art, aiming to positively impact lives with my multimedia creations as I create my own art or capture memories for those who support The Kyra Williams Media. As a 2020 graduate of NYU Tisch's Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music, I have a background in storytelling as a DJ and music journalism with an education in music production, songwriting, audio engineering, and more. During my time in this program, I also began to expand my media experience into photography and videography, covering my peers' performances and recording behind the scenes of their music videos. As NYU Steinhardt's student videographer and photographer since 2017, I also interview students, faculty, and alumni, film our conversations, edit them, and put them out as social media profile pieces. Now as a graduate student at NYU Steinhardt studying Digital Media Design for Learning, I am an instructional designer and the founder of an arts education nonprofit called Stories In My Backyard (SIMBY) where I host photography workshops for middle and high school aged Black girls from my hometown, Philadelphia.


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A behind the scenes look into the process of making your special project.


Coverage of concerts, sports, panels, parties, and more.


Studio or on-location shoots for your professional or personal needs.


Documentary style conversations and profile videos.

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